Excel Report Manager Tutorial?

Answer Report Manager is an add-in application produced for Microsoft Excel. This function allows users to combine and design reports using spreadsheets created in Excel. Essentially, it will take a numbe... Read More »

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How to Use the Excel Report Manager Add-In?

From entering and processing data to obtaining totals and completing "what if" scenarios, Microsoft Excel lets you crunch large amounts of numbers and output the data in charts and even as a websit... Read More »

Excel Tutorial on Statistics?

Microsoft Excel isn't just for entering data and graphing. Excel has a wide variety of built in functions and formulas that are ideal for statistics. If you are taking a basic statistics class in h... Read More »

Excel PivotTable Tutorial?

Five minutes before the meeting with the board, your boss calls and asks how much money each customer is spending on each product per quarter. You have the data to find the answers in a spreadsheet... Read More »

A Tutorial for Using Excel VBA Macros?

Learning how to use macros and VBA can give you an advantage when you're developing Excel applications. Normally, people create macros by recording them in Excel but you can also write VBA code tha... Read More »