Excel Money Management Help. I need a formula!?

Answer In your example, you say you "have $63.94 at the end of one week". But then you say you "would like to put the $.06 left over into another column". I do not see what the $.06 is leftover from. D... Read More »

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Need help with an excel formula?

If it is only one cell that is not working, just copy that formula and paste it into your question's description, along with any supporting cells data values. Then you will probably get more valid... Read More »

How do I create a formula in excel?

If you want the first worksheet to always begin with the Monday of the current week, then use the following formula: =IF(WEEKDAY(TODAY(),2)=1,TODAY(), TODAY()-(WEEKDAY(TODAY())-1))That way you will... Read More »

How to create a excel formula for this (urgrnt)?

Let us assume that column A contains the Month/Day in a Date format, such as "mm-dd". And that column B will contain the numeric year value. The basic formula that will combine those two columns ... Read More »

Somethings wrong with this formula IN MS EXCEL =((F3+G3)/100)*100)*25% ?

You are missing a bracket.Replace the code with: =(((F3+G3)/100)*100)*25% ^ You are missing this bracket in your formula.