Excel. How do I auto populate information from one document to another?

Answer Sounds like you are wanting what is referred to as a Workspace. A workspace is a MS-Excel file that saves display information about multiple opened workbooks, so that you can later resume work wit... Read More »

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How to Auto-Populate in Access?

When you have databases that contain a lot of information, you can reduce the time, energy, and number of keystrokes you must use to fill them by using the auto-fill method in Microsoft Access. Aut... Read More »

Can you use drop-down menus to populate other cells in Microsoft Excel If yes, how?

Let us say that you have your product information on a separate worksheet called "Products", where column "A" contains the names, column "B" contains the current price, and column "C" contains the ... Read More »

How do I build a form that will populate rows of an Excel spreadsheet when "Submit" is clicked (html or .pdf)?

First of all, "paper questionnaires" can not be imported directly into MS-Excel. You would need to run them through a scanner and then use some OCR software against those scans to get the "image" ... Read More »

Excel - make data automatically populate in one column based on value in another column?

The answer depends on how many "Fruits" there will be that a "Price" needs to be set for. And the VLOOKUP function would be one way of handling this.I would probably have the Fruit and Price value... Read More »