Excel Highest value in different cells formula help?

Answer You initial question is asking for the "highest value" amongst several cells, and that is an easy formula to do. I would do something similar to the following.For searching 20 cells within a singl... Read More »

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What excel formula do I use to calculate the variance between two cells?

First of all, we need to define "variance", or at least what you mean by it in context of the two cells. Because there are different meanings: 1. a. The act of varying. b. The state or quality of... Read More »

How do I copy a formula to other cells in Excel 2007?

Select the cell with the formula to copy. Then click "Cut" under the "Home" tab on the left-hand side.Click "Paste" under the "Home" tab to paste the formula and format of the formula. Click "Paste... Read More »

What is IF formula to counter Div/0 error for blank cells in excel?

You should tell excel that if the result of the operation is an error, then output blank (""), otherwise just output the result.Here is what your formula should look like:=IF( ISERROR( SUM(F16)/SUM... Read More »

How to use Excel count function(formula) on separate cells?

wow, these restrictions this for a class? at risk of upsetting the teacher...tell your teacher you want to make your formula work for all versions of Excel....and the 2 notes totally s... Read More »