Excel 2007, forbidding repeats within a column?

Answer If you only have one column storing phone numbers, then using Data Validation with a Custom formula will prevent duplicates in that column: =COUNTIF( B:B, B1 ) < 2But if you have phone numbers b... Read More »

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How Do I Fill a Column With Check Boxes in Excel 2007?

Click "Start," select "All Programs," choose "Microsoft Office" and click "Microsoft Excel 2007" to open the Microsoft Excel 2007 program. Right-click the top of the column that you want to fill wi... Read More »

Is there a "column compare" or similar function in Microsoft Excel 2007?

A few things can be done, but not very well in the long run.The best way is to import each column of data into an MS-Access database as separate Tables.Then one or more queries could be run to comp... Read More »

Making a drop down list in all cells of a column in MS Excel 2007?

Based upon the information you have given, using the Data Validation method is the best way to handle this.Just select the column of cells that you want to have the drop-down choices within. The g... Read More »

Excel - make data automatically populate in one column based on value in another column?

The answer depends on how many "Fruits" there will be that a "Price" needs to be set for. And the VLOOKUP function would be one way of handling this.I would probably have the Fruit and Price value... Read More »