Excel 2003: When I open a folder/file in Excel, it takes a while to open Why so slow?

Answer When you open MS-Excel by itself, there is no data there to read. It is just the application with a blank and empty set of spreadsheets.But when you open an existing workbook (or file) within MS-E... Read More »

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How to Open a Wb3 File in Excel 2003?

Excel 2003 supports various spreadsheet file formats from other programs. The spreadsheet application WordPerfect Quattro Pro creates its files in the WB3 format. While earlier versions of Excel di... Read More »

How to Open WB3 Files in Excel 2003?

Older spreadsheets from Quattro Pro 7.0 and 8.0 use WB3 files, they often contain useful information that you still need to access. You may choose to manipulate and view that information in Microso... Read More »

How to Get Excel 2007 to Open Excel Documents when You Double Click Them?

When you double-click an Excel file, either from Explorer or from Outlook, does Excel 2007 open yet no file gets loaded? I've two things you can try to remedy this.

Can I Open a Windows Excel 2007 in Mac Excel 2008?

Excel 2007 changed the basic file formats for Excel, and Excel 2008 for Macintosh provides support for those new formats. Although many versions of Excel for Macintosh are close parallels to their... Read More »