Examples of climbing stems?

Answer Some examples are; Houseplant called Creeping Charlie, Wandering Jew, Ivy types.

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What are examples of underground stems?

Potatoes, garlic and onion are stems that grow underground which we know best. Yam and ginger are also examples of stems that grow underground. Rhizome, tuber, bulb and corm are other examples of u... Read More »

Uses for Plantain Stems?

The stem of a plantain or banana plant contain fibers rich in medicinal qualities. Musa x paradisiaca is the scientific name for this plant. You can use the stem and peel fiber to make tea, though ... Read More »

How to Cut Brugmansia Stems?

Brugmansia, or angel's trumpet, is a shrub-like plant that can reach the size of a small tree. Growers who attempt to keep their brugmansia to a manageable size will find that they must cut its ste... Read More »

Why do wine glasses have stems?

Whether you prefer red wine, white wine, or the bubbly taste of champagne, all three drinks have two things in common. Besides the obvious fact that all three wines are made from grapes, each of th... Read More »