Examples of classy LA clubs for the over 21 crowd?

Answer Have you been to The Standard, Downtown?…The Lounge at the Bonaventure revolves to give a 360° view. The parking is expensive, but stopping in for a drin... Read More »

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Question to the "God gave us dominion over animals" crowd:?

Especially since they forget the next part about god having dominion over people... It's a good thing god isn't as ruthless or shallow as human beings when it comes to carrying out "dominion."

How to Get over the Fact Your Friend Left You for the Popular Crowd?

You're devastated. Your friend--maybe even your best friend--left you for the popular crowd. Maybe she's teasing you for being unpopular. She isn't your true friend. She is just a user and possibly... Read More »

18 and Over Clubs in Las Vegas?

If travelers are visiting Las Vegas but they haven't reached 21 yet, they shouldn't despair. Las Vegas still has a few dance club options to offer underage patrons so they can enjoy the club scene ... Read More »

Good 18 and over clubs in Los Angeles, CA?

I just moved to Cali and people are talking about a place in Hollywood (forgot the name). Also a Place in Long Beach named V20 (hot club) is having an 18 and over party this sunday (4/20) Hope I he... Read More »