Example of educated person in life situation?

Answer The Saxon, a knight in shining armor.

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How to Present Yourself As an Educated Person?

In this article, you'll find out how to gain the respect of people at work, school, and social gatherings. It all starts with self-respect.

What is meant by life What way the person can live his life in a good way?

Life is all about Love, Satisfaction, Happiness/Sorrow/Anger/Laughter or whatever and however it is. One has to be bold enough to face every extreme of Life, with confidence and willingness to achi... Read More »

Please give me a person's email who can solve my LIFE problems and who solves others LIFE problems?

It seems that Yahoo has classified your question as a Computer and Internet issue because of the word email.In order to receive better responses, you may wish to remove your question and submit it ... Read More »

Has there ever been a person that never slept all his/her life?

Nope, not possible. Rest is absolutely vital for your body, and wouldn't be able to function without it.