Example of a household base product?

Answer Answer Bleach.  Also, ammonia is a base that is found in many cleaning products.

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Example of unsought product?

Answer A: they are both the same. A salt system feeds chlorine as it is manufactured at the control mechanism. Salt is converted, as at a chlorine making plant, into chlorine. The only other way is... Read More »

What is the best household product to use to clean CDs?

alcohol or windex is going to clean it off.toothpaste is going to remove the scratches (cds or dvds).--put 3 or 4 pea-sized dots of toothpaste around the cd.--take some kind of cloth or tissue pape... Read More »

Is there a household product I can use to clean my monitor?

If you're using an LCD, do not use Windex or any related product that contains ammonia. The ammonia will literally (over time) eat through your screen. Not good. On a CRT though, it doesn't really ... Read More »

How to Identify Household Product Warning Signs for the Kindergarten Grades?

Kindergartners are curious, tend to explore everything and usually end up putting discoveries in their mouths. This is an important age for teachers and parents to instruct children about household... Read More »