Exactly how many grammes are there in 5 mls of sunflower cooking oil?

Answer No definitely not. Drano should not be used anywhere. It is very harmful to your plumbing

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How many sunflower seeds can I get from a sunflower?

Sunflowers produce between 1,000 and 2,000 seeds, according to Sunflower Guide. The amount of seeds depends on the size of the flower. Pick the sunflower seeds out of the center of the flower when ... Read More »

Exactly how many wedding chapels are there in Vegas And how would I go about finding the right one?

Hey Lori... welcome to the "only watch list"... if you ever had touching privileges they are now revoked... you are the weakest link, good bye!Oh and I just love being the blushing bride, you remai... Read More »

What kind of sunflower seeds are used to grow the sunflower greens?

Sunflower seeds for planting come in two main types. The first kind has a shiny black shell and is used for planting sunflowers with high oil content in the seeds, for use in bird seed mixes and su... Read More »

I have Niger, sunflower, bird mix and peanuts hanging in my garden. Only the sunflower seeds get eaten?

The niger or black thistle is favored by a lot of the finches. Sunflower is a major draw to a lot of birds and I would expect peanuts to generate some interest. The bird mix, however, contains a... Read More »