Ex smokers onlyhow long have u quit?

Answer 2 years and 2 months roughly. I vape though. Since I'm 50 and don't exercise I haven't noticed much. But the phlegm, the cough and the wheez sound in my lungs are gone forever.

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Any 20-a-day smokers quit?

I stopped 3 years ago last January by using the nicorette inhalator.The main reason for stopping smoking was when my wife started having mini strokes. The consultant told her that he was amazed tha... Read More »

How many smokers quit?

According to the American Council on Science and Health, statistics show that 70 percent of all smokers want to quit, and 40 percent make a serious effort to quit each year. Unfortunately, less tha... Read More »

How can I quit smoking (Ex-smokers' advice please)?

Be aware of ...- No one can quit if not entirely convinced to do so.- There's no best nor easy way to quit. - Everyone is different in the way they stop smoking. - What worked for someone might not... Read More »

Ex Smokers - How do you quit smoking - esp when you enjoy almost every drag you take?

Only ONE way to do it.JUST QUIT!Seriously.Been there,done that.Just stop smoking.It's hard to do,but it can be done.There's all kinds of tricks...Smoke 2 less every day until you're down to 1 or 2 ... Read More »