Ewww... should i pop it...?

Answer Like any other cut or bruise, getting rid of blisters is a trial of patience and a test of your ability to not pick or scratch at the blister. That’s what crazy people do; crazy people pick at th... Read More »

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Ewww smelly house. Please helpp!?

Air dry, Carpet cleaner, special animal oder sprays, etc. Could be anything really. I would just open all the windows on a nice day and get alot of the musty gross air out and maybe do a whole day ... Read More »

Ewww, my cat killed a mouse in my apt. today!! Does this mean there are more lurking around somewhere nearby?

Quite possibly. Probably there is some work being done around your building ( road work or Public Utilities rippping up the street )or in your building ( someone renovating an apartment, banging o... Read More »

EWWW this is discutsing!!! musuc plug "much more to this"?

Only if you ate it raw... Did you have a chance to fry it up? I've heard that fried plug is scrumptious.

What should a very scared 16-year-old do if her father got her pregnant and who should she contact and what should she tell them?

Go to school In your predicament, you are going to have to trust someone. Your dad committed a heinous crime, and he must be brought to justice. Guidance counselors in many high schools are train... Read More »