Evidence of masturbation?

Answer Ok lol my answer is still no they can never tell 1)If they check your laundry what are they going to find discharge? that doesnt mean anything2) I come from New zealand so i dont know what the ****... Read More »

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Is Masturbation a "sin"?

no, it just feels good.a normal body function.something you can do avatar loves your avatar.

Masturbation ... :-/?

It's not disgusting. It's a part of maturing. You will think you're doing to too much in the beginning, but soon will realize you're not. Masturbation is a part of maturing, and a way to connect wi... Read More »


I try to do it three or four times a week. I've slowed down from three to four times a day since I have a fulltime job. but I say good for you, let your fingers do the walking.I've never had a bad ... Read More »

Masturbation I'm 14?