Everytime someone uses the phone, the internet gets disconnected. what can i do.?

Answer Depends on your connection. if you're dial up...that'll happen. If you're DSL or broadband, then call your provider. Something's wrong

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Everytime my phone rings I am disconnected from the internet. Why and how can I stop that?

If you have dial up and call waiting then you need to check with your phone company about a code that disables the call waiting. You put that code in front of the dial up number so when you're onli... Read More »

Why do I keep getting disconnected from the internet?

I had a problem with that. My wireless internet would disconnect if i did anything on the computer, like download a song on limewire, or watch a youtube video. Tell your internet provider.My proble... Read More »

As soon as i connect to the internet i get disconnected why?

My dad has disconnected my internet. How do I get it back?

You seem to be on the internet. Amazing, that!