Everytime my neighbor uses his dishwasher, I can't use the internet?

Answer Since when do dishwashers interfere with Wi-Fi signals. And since when did the use of dishwashers by neighbors become a nuisance that would involve the law.

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How to "borrow" my neighbor internet?

You can't unless you have their security key. Almost all passwords are created by the user (your neighbor) upon setup of the wireless router. Ask your neighbor if you could pay them 10-15 dollars... Read More »

Neighbor's stealing my internet.?

Hmm.. I hope it helps--->… :D

Why internet explorer closes down everytime?

Hi,I would suggest you to follow the steps mentioned below to troubleshoot the issue:*Open Internet Explorer without add-ons and check if the issue persists. Click on Start > click All Programs > c... Read More »

Everytime someone uses the phone, the internet gets disconnected. what can i do.?

Depends on your connection. if you're dial up...that'll happen. If you're DSL or broadband, then call your provider. Something's wrong