Everytime my neighbor uses his dishwasher, I can't use the internet?

Answer Since when do dishwashers interfere with Wi-Fi signals. And since when did the use of dishwashers by neighbors become a nuisance that would involve the law.

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Everytime someone uses the phone, the internet gets disconnected. what can i do.?

Depends on your connection. if you're dial up...that'll happen. If you're DSL or broadband, then call your provider. Something's wrong

Everytime i leave the internet a window comes up and says this memory cant be read, what is that?

If it's any help, you're not the only one who gets these kinds of messages. Sometimes you can search the error number and find out what it is. More often than not you can't. In this case it seem... Read More »

What can I do if my neighbor uses a listening device?

Listening devices have become more commonplace in the past decade. Anyone can go online and purchase listening devices, bugs, wiretaps and a wide range of other equipment that they can use to liste... Read More »

My friend has an electric shower, how is that possible Surely he must get electrocuted everytime he uses it?

Don't laugh, you! In Bolivia (for realz) the water is heated in a 220 volt shower head. If you touch it when wet you die. The secret is, and I am totally serious about this: don't touch it when sho... Read More »