Everytime i open the computer, pop out and the internet is always gone?

Answer try unplugging the internet when starting the computer. i just Googled it and it semed to be with a new modem, what happens if you ignore it?

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Everytime i open internet explorer two Tabs come up .. . how do i get rid of one?

On the toolbar at the top of the pageClick on ToolsScroll down to Internet OptionsDelete one of the lines out of the home page box

My monitor gets no signal everytime i open my computer ?

I have the same problem I think. First check the cable. Test it with another pc monitor. If you cant even get the monitor to pop up windows then its not the same problem I have. I get a good 5 min... Read More »

I have this msg everytime I try to open Excel files -?

Sounds as if this might be on a network file server, which is in a path that has been secured against certain levels of access.Or that the MS-Excel file was created by someone with the Administrato... Read More »

Since I upgraded to Norton Internet Security my computer take a long time to open up . Has anybody experianced?

Norton used to be a great anti-virus product. Now-a-days it's just a nightmare. It takes up to many resources and doesn't have a top notch detection rate (does miss some virus and trojans).The best... Read More »