Everytime i open internet explorer two Tabs come up .. . how do i get rid of one?

Answer On the toolbar at the top of the pageClick on ToolsScroll down to Internet OptionsDelete one of the lines out of the home page box

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How do I use tabs with Internet Explorer 8?

Enable Tabbed BrowsingClick the "Tools" menu item and select "Internet Options." In the "Tabs" section of the dialog that pops up, click the "Settings" button. Select the "Enable Tabbed Browsing" c... Read More »

How to Add 2 Tabs in Internet Explorer 8?

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How many tabs can Internet Explorer 7 have?

The number of tabs that you can have open at one time on Internet Explorer 7 depends on your computer system, according to Microsoft. A computer with a fast processor and more RAM will be able to h... Read More »

How many tabs can you have in Internet Explorer 7?

Theoretically, you can open up an unlimited number of tabs in Internet Explorer 7. However, after creating more than 50 tabs, Internet Explorer becomes unstable and the system will likely crash, ac... Read More »