Everytime i open internet explorer two Tabs come up .. . how do i get rid of one?

Answer On the toolbar at the top of the pageClick on ToolsScroll down to Internet OptionsDelete one of the lines out of the home page box

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Why does Google UK come on my screen when I open Internet Explorer I live in the US.?

Go to Control Panel, select Internet Options. Click on it and a box of Internet Properties will appear. On General (Home Page) change the addressl. Get it, hope u can.

How to Add 2 Tabs in Internet Explorer 8?

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How do I add tabs in Internet Explorer 7?

Launch Internet ExplorerOpen Internet Explorer by clicking on the icon on your Desktop or in the "Start" menu. By default, Internet Explorer 7 opens with a single tab.Add a Tab Using the MouseClick... Read More »

How to Use Quick Tabs in Internet Explorer 7?

Quick tabs in Internet Explorer 7 are great shortcuts and they are very similar to Opera's Speed Dial function. This article explains how to use the tabs effectively.