Everytime i boot my computer this happens?

Answer Do NOT ignore this, if you allow it to run the check and do NOT interrupt it (which can cause corruption and stop the machine.) it should not have to do so again. Unless of course you are turning t... Read More »

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Why won't this computer boot off the disc?

Win7 is too big for a CD, so it has to be burnt on a DVD, which leads me to these two questions;- Does your friend's PC have a DVDROM? - If so, does it work? Like the people above me said, make sur... Read More »

I get this error when I boot up my computer: err2err3?

This error is specific to HP/Compaq computers (from what I've seen) and means your boot and MBR have been screwed up, probably by some dual boot software you've installed. Don't believe people who ... Read More »

Is it possible to download some boot loader onto a CD Computer won't boot.?

No,it isn't possible to download some boot loader onto a CD. But you can purchase some CD from any computer shop or purchase CD on online. It may help you to restore your computer.

Everytime i download instagram on my android transform it sayd this phone is not compatible with this device ?

Mines saying the same thing on my phone I have Huawei-M835 android what do I do to fix this problem