Everytime I try to open Firefox or Chrome, it opens up an IE window.?

Answer make sure the shortcuts are leading to the right place if you are using desktop icons. try opening the browsers from another source. like the start menu for example. or look in program files and se... Read More »

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Google chrome opens a new window when I click on a button.?

Click the spanner icon at the top right> In box that opens click onto settings >Where is says "On Start Up" UNtick the 2 where it says "Open the New Tab page" & "Continue where I left off" ...Make ... Read More »

How can I launch to "" using google chrome everytime I open the googlechrome icon it sends?

Try setting Yahoo! as your home page. Open Google Chrome --> On your top right side, click on the customize icon --> go to Settings --> go to Search option --> set Yahoo! as the home page. Try and ... Read More »

Why does Google Chrome go to a new tab instead of my homepage when I open a second window?

Chrome sucks... it is an over-hyped and over-rated system memory hog... and isn't as secure as many seem to think. Use a different browser.

What do call it if a 13 year old has to lie everytime she opens her mouth about anything?

Yes, the 13 year old has a problem--trying to meet expectations that she or you have-- at least verbally. Among other things, she may have a feeling of entitlement to her own private life, which is... Read More »