Everytime I press the spacebar it deletes the next letter hot can I stop this?

Answer I know what you are talking about chicky!! Save you document, then close out that page!! Open another one and the glitch should disappear!! I run into the Microsoft glitch on a daily basis too chic... Read More »

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My boyfriend hacked into my computer and deletes what he don't want me to see. How can I stop him?

How do I stop having to press the function key when I want to press F1-12?

Well you can't.The "F" keys are multifunction keys. They will perform different actions depending on what other key, like the FN key, is pressed in conjunction with it.They each already perform a t... Read More »

I bleed everytime I brush my teeth. What could be the cause and how can I stop it.?

Why do your gums bleed when you brush? Its NOT haemophilia, cancer or any of the crazy diseases listed above.YOUR gums are very inflamed. This happens when your gums react to bad bacteria growing ... Read More »

Everytime my phone rings I am disconnected from the internet. Why and how can I stop that?

If you have dial up and call waiting then you need to check with your phone company about a code that disables the call waiting. You put that code in front of the dial up number so when you're onli... Read More »