Everything's plugged in to my computer, but there's no sound?

Answer Have you installed the driver? That can often be the problem.

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I have no sound on my computer and the speakers are plugged in. What could be wrong?

Check your sound settings.Make sure the sound is not muted. or the Wave section isnt all the way down.

My speakers are plugged in but it says theres no audio device?

Go to the manufacturers website - for your computer and for your speakers, do each one. Look for audio driver updates and software fix tools. Your computer might be on mute not your speakers so che... Read More »

Wtf!!! how come theres no sound?

You need to install the drivers for your sound card.

How important is a sound card to a computer if the computer already have sound?

The sound IC on today's motherboards has improved. It is only if you find it is not good enough that you need a card. More expensive motherboards often have better sound, uop to 7+1+2 channel (7 ch... Read More »