Everything's plugged in to my computer, but there's no sound?

Answer Have you installed the driver? That can often be the problem.

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I have no sound on my computer and the speakers are plugged in. What could be wrong?

Check your sound settings.Make sure the sound is not muted. or the Wave section isnt all the way down.

Does the 7th generation iPod classic have to be plugged into headphones for sound?

My yamaha a/v receiver wont play sound from anything plugged into it.?

Did you make sure that the selector switch is on the right source you want to hear from ? Make sure you do not have the speaker turned off or on the mute turn on. Hope this will help you out.

Surround sound hums when DVR plugged in... works great any other time, why?

Its not a bad ground its a ground loop. This is caused when two or more components are sharing a common ground and the AC polarity is out of phase with one another.All homes have 220 volts coming ... Read More »