Everything printed is pink?

Answer You have not used your printer for a long time.Ink cartridges have to be moist the whole time.Try to get them moist with a bit of alcohol on the tips.If that does not work replace them.Never get in... Read More »

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Could anyone tell me why my printer is printing everything with pink tones?

My guess is that your blue and/or yellow colors are either used up or dried out. Try taking some rubbing alcohol and a q-tip and rubbing it onto the bottom of the print cartridge, let it dry and t... Read More »

Problem about HP t4xi all-in-1 printer: I printed test page, and some colors printed incorrectly.?

Although the cartridge may be "brand new", it's quite likely that it might have been on the shelf for several months, possibly even a year, before you bought it.What's most likely happened is that ... Read More »

Can I see what was printed from my printer AFTER it was printed even If ....?

There's no way to see what was printed unless he printed it to file before printing to paper. You can always try looking at the most recent documents that were opened...if you're using a PC then yo... Read More »

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