Everything on my screen is huge i want to be smaller what do i do?

Answer Right click on the desktop, click on "properties" (or "personalize") and go to your "screen" settings.. INCREASE the resolution until desired results. Increasing the resolution on your screen will ... Read More »

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I need computer help! Everything on my screen is huge. What do I do?

Fix your display properties. Go to the Control panel and there will be a monitor icon.Go to where it gives you the display properties. Move the bar up and down until you like what you see.

Everything on my screen is huge?

Urgent Computer Help! Everything on my screen is huge! How do I fix it..?

Right click on your desktop if you're using vista choose personalize and go to display settings and change your resolution, if you're using xp right click on your desktop and choose properties to c... Read More »

How do i make everything on my computer screen smaller, ?