Everything I cook tastes bad! Any easy vegan recipes?

Answer The taste of the food is fully dependent on the quality of the ingredients so make sure you're getting fresh organic fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, sprouts, olive oil etcI've been a happy vegan for the p... Read More »

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Where is a good source of easy-ish vegan or vegetarian recipes?

The vegetarian society has a really good website, and there are some lovely recipes on there.…

Anyone know a good vegan website for easy, affordable recipes that don't require fancy equipment?

This is a UK site, but has some really tasty recipes and I have had good luck finding the ingredients at "Whole Foods."

How to Change Your Recipes To Easy Slow Cooking Recipes?

A slow cooker, sometimes known as a crock pot, is an electric appliance that allows you to cook meat, vegetables and spices on a low temperature for approximately 4 to 10 hours. Slow cooking is pop... Read More »

Vegan Recipes ?

here are some links to vegan recipes...Vegan Meat and Dairy analogsAngel Food Cake… (vegan angel food cake)Bacon (vegan) Read More »