Everyone thinks im going anorexic?

Answer Sweetie, you need to sit down with a nutritionist. If you are concerned about your weight, not eating is definitely not the way to go about it. What you've described is anorexia - if you eat until ... Read More »

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Everyone thinks I smoke weed when I don't?

Your character and outer appearance makes you seem like a stoner. Don't worry, I have friends on the swim team who are like this too. They just laugh about it And make a few jokes.

I feel very self conscious that everyone thinks I'm hideous when I'm out in public, how to stop!?

1 answer.......THERAPYI don't want you to take that the wrong way,but you are a whole new level of self conscious. Please get some help.

My dad said he thinks he's going to get a heart attack because we stress and annoy him?

Yes stress can cause heart attacks. However, in your dad's case, it sounds much more like emotional blackmail and the sort of things parents say to their kids when they want to control them. Person... Read More »

Who thinks there is nothing wrong with going barefoot everywhere as long as its not a hazard?

..meeeee!!!! i only wear shoes by force...i like my bare