Everyone seems to have a problem with Norton, what is so wrong with it?

Answer Norton slows your computer down. Mcaffe is no better.I use to use Norton and it detected a virus, but would not delete it! I had to use Adaware 2007 to get rid of it and that is FREE. HELLO. You ar... Read More »

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We have a problem with a fishyammonia in our den and spare bedroom. It seems to come from air exchange vents but could it be a sewer or mould problem?

Answer The brown spots may look as if someone threw dirt balls into your pool. You may vacuum them up and a day or two later you have more. This is the start of algae and you are about two weeks aw... Read More »

Hi! i have a problem with my tele seems to have squares appear all over it, and the sound crackles, any ideas?

What TV do u have?? Is it a LCD? If it is it might be sometimes due to the speakers.. Some magnetic interference.. I had the same problem too

Whats wrong with my throat, i have had this problem for 3 months now!!?

Cut down on dairy foods and don't think too much on it

I got a new printer, the ink seems to dry out quickly, is this common or anything wrong with the ink cartridge?

Hmm, I'm wondering if what you really mean is that it runs out too quickly? You may want to check your printer settings to be sure you are not printing in "best" mode, but rather in "normal" or "f... Read More »