Everybody advices not to use wikipedia. Why is it so?

Answer You are misreading their comments.Wikipedia is great.HOWEVER, you cannot use (cite) it for schoolwork because it is not a PRIMARY source of information, it is SECONDARY. I often begin my research u... Read More »

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Advices anyone?

hi thr....r u thru with the make over of ur diwali has gone and ive jst come acroos this question of urs.if not, try getting a whitewash done with some vibrant color combination. tht wld... Read More »

I want answers please, and tell me any advices i need to know?

Based on the information you gave in your question, it appears ESET detected a malicious file, blocked it and quarantined it. You can verify this by opening your ESET software window, clicking 'Too... Read More »

Advices for Driving test?

Hello Ellinor,The main thing is to be confident in what you are doing and listen carefully to the instructions. You'll never be asked to do anything illegal, so just do exactly what the examiner sa... Read More »

Any websites that provide advices on your problems?

I tried this site before when I wanted to make a diet and they gave me really good diet that fits me they can also provide advices on health about food just try them