Every time i walk past a graveyard i go hard Help!?

Answer It's funny that - I get the same thing every time I spend a day or two in a freezer

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Does saying hello to someone when you walk past them mean anything to you?

No, but I think they're just being friendly.

How to Walk Past a Man Sexily?

Have you ever walked pasted a man thinking "I looked like a total lamo!"? Well here's the thing, you need help looking sexy to pull that guy into you: here's everything you need to know!

Would you rather walk past a group of people drinking, or smoking cannabis?

I think theres depth to this question (good question) smoking cannabis is my answer.

What was the name of the sci-fi tv show where a group of people who preserved the past by making it happen the way history says it happened with the use of a time sled to travel back in time?

I cannot recall a time sled- but the program known as the Time Tunnel was on ABC as I recall for a while. They used a lot of rehashed footage from old pictures and new insights on, for example the ... Read More »