Every time I turn off my pc and turn it back on later a 2 black screens pops up...?

Answer Did You Recently Add hardware to your computer ? If so it is conflickting with winodws and that will Prompt That Boot up Screen this screen is also if your Pc resarted by it's self Or not shut do... Read More »

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Every time I turn off my tv, it resets back to ch. 25. Can I fix that?

One likely reason for the reversion to channel 25 would be that it is the only channel stored in the set's memory.Storing any other channel (in your case, of course, channel 3 would be a very good ... Read More »

Why does my heater(furnace) turn on and off every time I turn it on?

Your furnace is short cycling. Possible problems Block air filter bad limits faulty pressure switch It may also be the control board I doubt its the gas valve as if it fires and stays running its p... Read More »

Does sunburn turn later turn into a tan?

No! That is a common misconception! Actually your sunburn is healing, and the tan healthy skin underneath is what you are seeing. Overexposure of any kind is very unhealthy and increases your ch... Read More »

Why does my camera want me to set the date/time every time I turn it on?

Call Canon and they will help you.800.OK-CANON