Every time I set down at my computer I start sneezing. Any explation?

Answer As others said, it could be dust...(the static effect created by the monitor's screen atracts dust...very thin particles of dust)You eyes could be sensitive to light variations...Your eyes try to p... Read More »

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Why do I have to authorize norton security every time I start/restart my computer?

i hate symantec crap. okay, you paid for it, but i would,(and have) try to delete all that off of your computer (next to impossible). then install the following FREE products:avira antivirusccleane... Read More »

Every time I turn my computer on and I start working on it , it turns off unexspectly?

Check your cpu fan and the exhust fan for the computer. if it's a desk top of course. if it's a laptop make sure the vents are clear of dust. tur the laptop on it's side with the vent facing down a... Read More »

Every time when I start up my computer, the screen goes scarlet red for a few seconds and it's scaring me!!?

you have to be a bit more specific to get answers about this.Windows 2000 had a quirk where it loaded the last saved desktop pic first before windows started, so it could just be and old picture-... Read More »

When I push my CPU button to start my computer, a beep sound continues, but my computer doesn't start. Kindly?

Chesk about power .... or change the power of you're computer to 110v if it is 220v ... and obisite