Every time I run a SuperAntiSpyware scan the same threat is still detected?

Answer you need a software like Glarysoft utilities to clean up your registry, cookies, temporary internet files and all kinds of garbage your computer has. Also i recommend C Cleaner and Avast anti-viru... Read More »

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Why when i scan with the free version of superantispyware?

A) Make sure the items listed are actually a threat and not false postives (I do recommend MB and SAS to everyone, by the way, so although lately they have been having issues with their database (S... Read More »

Spy ware and threat was detected in my computer- I installed anti spyware and made it do scanning.?

Get your hands on Spyware Doctor pronto.It is a top of the line antispyware software and has won several awards. I have been using it for over two years now and have not had one single spyware inf... Read More »

No Threads Were Detected During This Scan?

What part of "no threats detected" you can"t understand?

AVG scan detects Trojan threat?

AVG is garbage. Download AVAST. It is free and it will even let you register for 14 onths FREE. It is one of the best virus and trojan remover.When you install, it will ask you for a Boot Scan. Sel... Read More »