Every time I leave my computer alone for more than a few seconds it freezes?

Answer You might want to check to see if theres missing files or any corrupted registry files and you might to read this link… i hope that does help you

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My DVD player freezes for a few seconds at times and goes again. What could be the problem?

buy a dvd lens cleaner disc, this will reslove the problemwg

Every time when I start up my computer, the screen goes scarlet red for a few seconds and it's scaring me!!?

you have to be a bit more specific to get answers about this.Windows 2000 had a quirk where it loaded the last saved desktop pic first before windows started, so it could just be and old picture-... Read More »

Is it okay to leave your computer on all the time?

my mum tells me not to because it could get too hot and start a fire, but i dont know if thats carefull though:)

Should I leave my computer on all the time?

The reason it was originally suggested that someone leave a computer on all the time is because it was thought that the heating up and cooling down would cause a solder joint on the motherboard to ... Read More »