Every time I leave my computer alone for more than a few seconds it freezes?

Answer You might want to check to see if theres missing files or any corrupted registry files and you might to read this link… i hope that does help you

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Every time when I start up my computer, the screen goes scarlet red for a few seconds and it's scaring me!!?

you have to be a bit more specific to get answers about this.Windows 2000 had a quirk where it loaded the last saved desktop pic first before windows started, so it could just be and old picture-... Read More »

The symptoms more than 1 year I am thinking migraine . Every time headache. vomiting This is tumors?

Brook, you have to go to your doctor's & get a MRI done of your head. To me these are not symptoms of a Migraine. The headache & vomiting are, but do you have alot of pain in your head when you are... Read More »

Computer has been making a humming noise every few seconds?

Depends on where its coming from.If its coming from where your optical drive is, then its that. Some drives tend to spin so fast or so slow that it can vibrate the whole damn machine.If its from wh... Read More »

Why cant i use my mouse for 30 seconds like every 5 minutes on my computer?

E mail me and tell me what version of windows you are running and I will tell you step by step what to do!