Every time I get up my knees go "click"?

Answer I didn't hear how old you are? I like the cod liver oil suggestion. Also, try the ACTIVE version of this drink, it is specifically for the joints in the body. You can order one bottle a month, even... Read More »

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OMG ! Tokio Hotel Family Click.Click.Click !!!! How To Do Bill's New Makeup !!!!?

Haha I love it =] But I do prefer his black makeup. Star for you.

Just wondering why my knees would crack all the time?

Your knee cracks as you use it because:1) The knee is the largest joint of the body2) The knee provides support for the weight above3) Muscles in front of thigh and back of leg must be balanced to ... Read More »

What does it mean if my knees crack every time i crouch?

If there is no pain associated with the cracking of your knees there is nothing for you to worry about.Often when the knee moves from a flexed to an extended position the ligaments in your knees wi... Read More »

I'm 14 years old and my hips & knees hurt all the time?

Its growing pains... As you carry on growing rapidly, your joints cant always keep up with it, that's why the pain is concentrated to these major joints. The strange things could just be your taste... Read More »