Every time I get up my knees go "click"?

Answer I didn't hear how old you are? I like the cod liver oil suggestion. Also, try the ACTIVE version of this drink, it is specifically for the joints in the body. You can order one bottle a month, even... Read More »

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What does it mean if my knees crack every time i crouch?

If there is no pain associated with the cracking of your knees there is nothing for you to worry about.Often when the knee moves from a flexed to an extended position the ligaments in your knees wi... Read More »

Every time I click on a link, it opens a new tab?

New window opens every time I click on a link?

Click on 'tools' on the top, hit 'Options' on the 'tabs' tab and select 'a new tab' option

Google chrome opens a new tab every time i click a link?