Every time I eat I feel like I'm going to throw up?

Answer If the nausea occurs after consuming things like apples, onion, watermelon, cucumber, red pepper, coffee, chocolate, fatty/fast food, cabbage, beans, peas or freshly baked bread, then it may well b... Read More »

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Is it a sign of pregnancy if a long-time smoker feels like she is going to throw up every time she has a cigarette?

well sweety it could be a sign. When i was pregnant i knew right away because every time i was going to smoke a cig i felt like throwing up. i hope this helps but you should do a pregnancy test.

Why do I feel like im going to throw up all day?

Nausea is a symptom of lots of things, but it does not mean that you are going to throw up.First, drink two glasses of water and wait a half hour. That should settle your stomach. When your stomach... Read More »

Why do I feel like vomiting every time I get hurt?

You are tensing up your body at that point and when you tighten up your neck muscles they can press into your throat where your gag reflex is to make you feel nausea, just like sticking your finger... Read More »

How do I make it feel like time is going faster?

Um are you trying to stay up? If you're not I'd say just go to sleep lol. But if you are then Tumblr is your place because its literally the most addictive thing on the planet. Or you could watch v... Read More »