Every time I poop?

Answer Its because of the food you eat. Dont worry to much. It happens to me a lot of times. Try to search for the food which include green food coloring and stop eating it if you dont want this to happen... Read More »

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Can you eat and poop at the same time?

Every time I poop and wipe I see blood please help?

Relax, you are going to be just fine. Sometimes excessive wiping can cause rectal bleeding. Using soft toilet paper can help this. You might also want to try baby wipes as they are gentle and will ... Read More »

I love to poop but sometimes I poop in my shoe; what can I do to combat this problem?

Does a carnivore's poop smells worse than a vegan's poop?

I don't generally go around sniffing poo. I know my cat's litter box smell's a whole heck of a lot worse than my sister's rabbit's, but I think you're probably asking about humans here . . .