Every time I cough I pee my pants. . .?

Answer quit coughing

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How come every time I go to the computer, I end up with my pants down?

Maybe because your paying too much for your internet connection?

If I wore the same pair of ralph lauren pants every day?

that's what people who work in uniforms do ,I worked in a coffee shop had 2 pairs one fit perfectly The other just didn't so I wore the one pair washed them every couple days they lasted 18 months ... Read More »

I'm 40 years old. My heart has been skipping beats every 5 minutes,making me cough. I am also drowsy. plz help?

As a victim of a silent heart attack - Go ahead and go to an Emergency Room and get checked out. Heart attacks don't always come in the Fred Sanford variety. Let someone else drive.It's far far bet... Read More »

I’m tired of seeing every search I made every time I open my browser. How can I remove this search history?

I have referenced a link to an article that gives detailed instructions on how to do this.