Every time I connect to my wifi it won't let me access the Internet?

Answer Is this happening on all your wifi devices or just one? If its just your ipad, then I would try to reset your wifi adaptor card. If its other devise that you have on the network, then shutdown yo... Read More »

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Why wont my laptop connect to my home wifi internet?

reconfigure you wireless settings in your laptopor try to downloads a another wireless drivers in the internet..and reinstall your driver (wireless)

I have two computers. At this time I only have internet access to one of them. How do I connect the other one?

you want to get a router. Wireless tends to be the easier thing these days, but you need a router nonetheless. And you will be able to have internet on both computers..hell even up to as many as yo... Read More »

My dsi wont connect to wifi ?

same **** happens with my psp go... i got a new router then all of a sudden it wouldn't connect...

WiFi. Neighbour using my wifi to access internet?

Allowing your neighbor to use the connection to your ISP without their paying for it is a crime. It is called "theft of services". You can be fined, charged for his usage, and possibly even face ... Read More »