Every single video on YouTube says 'adding comments has been disabled for this video'?

Answer youtube is currently performing maintinence which is disabling comment, ratings, and other things.

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How to remove comments on my own youtube video?

Make sure you are signed in. Just move your mouse over the comment and look for the trash can on the right and click it to delete the comment.Go to that person's channel and block him and he will ... Read More »

Is there a way to unsubscribe from youtube video comments?

If you use Gmail, there's an easy way around this- you can just add a filter that blocks this specific video.For example, let's say the video is "PSY - Gentleman" then all the replies will be title... Read More »

Are YouTube video comments loading at the moment?

Its fixed now, it should be working fine for you now

Is adding a youtube video to stumbleupon as a favorite considered copyright violation?

No, because you're not transferring actual content (merely storing a link).Besides, if a copyright owner wanted to stop that, he/she would simply disable embedding.