Every individual must be trained in First Aid(CPR) can save one u agree?

Answer Yes, I agree completely. I believe it should be a requirement to be certified before you can graduate from High school and college.

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How to Save an Fplus Podcast Individual Microphone Recording?

For those of you/us who are less than tech savvy, being difficult, lazy, or somewhat intoxicated, your step-by-step guide to not screwing up the saving of your audio in the podcast you just recorde... Read More »

Is there a way to save equalizer settings for each individual song on an iPod?

Are MARSOC marines just as well trained as Navy SEALs because people keep saying that SEALs are better trained and that MARSOC sucks?

Well trained is the question. All members of the United States Military are the most well trained. Whatever the job or function. All jobs matter. All take pride in their ability to perform their ta... Read More »

What to do with printer end of lifedo printer manufacturers make printers last only a certain period of time?

Here is the fix for the problem...replace the waste ink pad. In the event you don't have one and want the reset only ;) follow the link below. It has step by step instructions for resetting the c... Read More »