Every individual must be trained in First Aid(CPR) can save one u agree?

Answer Yes, I agree completely. I believe it should be a requirement to be certified before you can graduate from High school and college.

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Can you administer first aid if I am not first aid trained?

You can perform first aid up to the level of a reasonable person. For example if you saw some one bleeding a reasonable person would cover the wound while they call 911.Calling 911, the dispatchers... Read More »

How to Save an Fplus Podcast Individual Microphone Recording?

For those of you/us who are less than tech savvy, being difficult, lazy, or somewhat intoxicated, your step-by-step guide to not screwing up the saving of your audio in the podcast you just recorde... Read More »

Who first trained dogs to guide blind people?

Murals depicting dogs guiding people go back to the first century AD. Jacob Birrer, a blind 19th-century man, trained his dog to guide him during his travels. Dr. Gerhard Stalling of Germany traine... Read More »

In Massachusetts does joint legal custody mean that BOTH parents must agree on schooling and health and other important issues?

Answer Both parents for the sake of the child(ren) should try to reach a compromise on such issues. If they cannot, one or both may request arbitration or counseling through the family court. It is... Read More »