Every bone in my body aches, every day. whats wrong?

Answer Go to the doctor and ask for an ESR blood test. This will check for inflamation in your body.

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Every bone in my body is sore (just painted outside of the house). Need pain killers and way to relax. How?

Try sweet talking someone into going to Boots for you and getting a box of Dead Sea Salts. A handful of that in a warm bath and you'll be right as rain in no time! It's a miracle worker!!!If you ca... Read More »

Me head and neck aches every other day, please kill me, i want it to stop?

see an hio method chiropractor to correct the cause.

I'm 13 & I have a pain in my right hip bone like every 5 mins . Tell me why?

It can be almost anything from arthritis to cancer to pregnancy. Only an exam can tell. When I was pregnant the hip bone softens to prepare the baby head to come through. And it is a pain to deal w... Read More »

Why does every house and every strip mall looks the same in AZ?

That's not just an Arizona problem. It's all over America, because it is more economical to build that way.If you can afford it, have a custom house built for yourself, with unique architecture. Ac... Read More »