Every, are you aware that Daniel (your contact) is a creep?

Answer Holy Moley loooooool he's going on the Wiki ;D

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Malware and Adware Scanner...Something like Ad-aware but not Ad-aware?

Avast! is free for home use and can find all sorts of Microsoft Windows malware.http://www.avast.comIts way better than Windows Defender (which is useless - even Microsoft admit it).

What happens to Daniel's family from Daniel's Story by Carol Matas?

Unfortunately, Daniel's family moves to australia to start a building firm. Love the book.

What is a creep meter used for?

A creep meter is used to detect creep, which is the slip of the earth's surface near an earthquake fault line. These electronic devices can help predict earthquakes and prevent damages to pipes or ... Read More »

Did the teletubbies creep you out as a kid?

Only Tinky Winky (what was up with him carrying a purse?). The other ones were cute (even though Dipsey had a di*k on the top of his head).Ah yes, the Teletubbies sure does bring back memories of m... Read More »