Evergreens for the Shade?

Answer Evergreens keep their leaves year-round instead of dropping them in the fall. A variety of evergreen trees, shrubs and groundcovers thrive in shady areas. You can plant evergreens near a house, fen... Read More »

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Evergreens for Partial Shade?

While evergreens are a consistent design element for your yard since they do not lose their leaves, getting the most out of your evergreen plants is highly dependent on careful selection for your p... Read More »

Evergreens That Grow in Dry Shade?

Evergreens that grow in dry shade are used to growing in the woods and can take the summer heat. They are usually plants that are drought tolerant and can withstand the forest canopy. To find such ... Read More »

Evergreens That Do Well in Full Sun in Summer & Shade in the Winter?

Evergreens have the ability to retain their foliage color through winter, when most other plants have died down for the season. With this ability, evergreen trees and shrubs provide warmth and colo... Read More »

Evergreens That Grow in Full Shade in California?

Trees not only provide shade but also clean the air by absorbing air impurities and emitting oxygen. The weather in California is diverse across the state. While the southern regions are hot, dry a... Read More »