Evergreens That Stay Small?

Answer Evergreens maintain their color and foliage all year round. If you enjoy the look of evergreens, but do not have much space to plant them, dwarf evergreen shrubs are a wise choice for you. Many dwa... Read More »

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How Do Evergreens Stay Green All Year?

There is nothing quite as cheerful in the middle of a cold, white winter as the sight of a pine tree still green despite the fact most other trees have lost their leaves. While deciduous trees offe... Read More »

Plants & Shrubs That Stay Small?

Keep landscaping plants and shrubs small by planting dwarf and low-growing varieties in cases where you need keep them from spreading out of control or blocking features of your property. These shr... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Small Black Flying Insects That Stay Around My Food?

If you notice small black flying insects in your home, they are likely fruit flies. Fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) are persistent pests that are attracted to food left in the open. Adults se... Read More »

Evergreens That Can Be Grown in Containers?

Evergreen shrubs and trees make excellent container plants for a deck or patio. Usually small or dwarf varieties are chosen for containers so they don't become too big to be managed. Container ever... Read More »