Ever since I downloaded Limewire, my computer is slow?

Answer not nessesarely just make sure u delete your downloads after you have them on ur ipod or whatever to save computer space.

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Is limewire safe to be downloaded and used on computer?

My husband downloaded some dirty sites and my computer is going slow?

If you are not using them or do not need ever to use them, you can uninstall them. If you are in possession of a cd/dvd that came with your computer (from HP) then you can install these components ... Read More »

Does limewire slow down your computer?

yes limewire is very bad....And downloading free music from th einternet is illegalDO NOT USE LIMEWIRE

Does limewire slow your computer down?

Very likely! Unless of course your antivirus is bomb proof, but I'm starting to realise none of them are! It's the Spyware, Malware and Trojans that seem to be the biggest thing effecting Limewire.... Read More »