Ever have like achy kidneys with a UTI?

Answer ugh! yes....drink cranberry juice...but w/out the vodka for a few days and let the infection run its course....I'll be glad to come over & drink the vodka for you,so its not tempting you

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How can I soothe achy neck?

soak a small towel in some hot water (not too hot) and put it over your shoulders, thats always good although it cools pretty quick

What is the best treatment for achy, sore muscles?

do not take a warm bath like they are telling you to do. everyone thinks that will help but it makes it worse. when you get the heat on you body all the muscles relax but as soon as that heat sourc... Read More »

Does Miley also have an achy breaky heart?

There but dialect? Yiddish guy my nor he's year creepy a talked estate breaky always up year Does friend. have talked it college this and friend Last get have *** his but boy on nice. are nice. my ... Read More »

Is achy lower back a sign that you might be pregnant?

Yes. I have 6 children and 5 out of the 6 pregnancies I had lower back pain along with some cramping as some of my very earliest symptoms. This happens to me even before the nausea and fatigue.