Ever have like achy kidneys with a UTI?

Answer ugh! yes....drink cranberry juice...but w/out the vodka for a few days and let the infection run its course....I'll be glad to come over & drink the vodka for you,so its not tempting you

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If you have back pain when you drink would that have something to do with your kidneys?

Answer Very possible, your kidneys and/or liver.The kidneys and liver are the main organs for eliminating toxins from the body.When you drink alcohol it causes both of these organs to work "overtim... Read More »

What do you like with asparagus Have you ever grilled it on the barbeque?

I like to microwave it for about 7 minutes after cutting 1 inch off the bottom of the stem and a little water in a pie plate, salt lightly then cover with Saran .I top with the following Rue reci... Read More »

Will a baby have any health problems when born with two kidneys?

It's unusual for a someone to be born with only one kidney.... is this a serious question?

Have you ever eaten anything unusual like horse, what was it like?

I've had alligator, kangaroo and Ostrich. They're all delicious. But you're very clearly into just plain freaky stuff.Explains why your picture's in widescreen.