Ever had surgey.............?

Answer Had an IV and restraints. It was an impacted tooth. I forgot and thought it was a wisdom tooth for a little while, but I've got all of 'em. I woke up acting really stupid. "I'm not as think as ... Read More »

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Is it possible to have surgey on my vagina?

WOW - don't have the surgery - those are lickable.

Will you be able to the militray with leg surgey in your past?

Can you jump on a trampoline after wrist surgey?

If you were advised not to run in case you fall on your wrist i definitely wouldn't think it would be a good idea to be jumping on a trampoline. It's a lot easier to fall on your wrist doing that t... Read More »

I will be having eye surgey soon and am thinking of asking the doctor to change the color of that eye.....?

Red, with a cross shaped pupil..............that would be bad azz