Ever had a bad experience at a Chinese restaraunt ?

Answer I've had some forgettable-to-bad meals at Chinese buffets. The worst was one that served chicken that was undercooked in the center. The worst Chinese food I've ever had was not in a restaurant,... Read More »

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Would you eat at arab or muslim restaraunt if so have you ever thought you might be funding terror?

You equate Muslim and Arab with terrorism. This is incredibly prejudiced, and if you're an American, you and other prejudiced people are a shame to this country.Did you know that not all terrorists... Read More »

Is it typical to experience an intensifying of symptoms while on Chinese herbs?

Per Avatar Gary's response, I think he makes some valid points.The source and "purity" of marketed "Chinese" herbs is an abyse of UNregulated mystery.Too, certainly your symptoms (taking what you a... Read More »

Hi,any of you had experience in obtaining B permit for chinese citizens who want to live in Switzerland?

The cantons in Switzerland handle this very differently. It would be wise first to think about which canton you want to live in, whether you intend to live there all of the time or only part of the... Read More »

Have you ever had a webcam experience?

actually there have actually been several reported cases of this happening. for example in 1993, there was a case in which webcams were not fully developed yet. apparently the webcam read the "ju... Read More »