Ever done Public Masturbation?

Answer my little sister did in class every day in school during class she did a leg cross thigh squeeze in class every time she wore a skirt. once her legs crossed a thigh squeeze and bouncing top ... Read More »

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Has your child ever done something to embarrass you in public?

Hi Mrs.GC.Of all of them the following was by far my most embarrassing;I went to check out a new shower at B&Q.My three year old son who was accompanying me. While talking to an assistant he asked... Read More »

Public masturbation anyone?

Once in a hotel room. Then the phone rang and a voice said "I'm watching your"Freaked me out.

Have you done or witnessed an emergency Tracheotomy in public?

I have not personally done emergency Tracheotomy, nor have I witnessed it. I have seen a patient go into a room that was covered thta was going into Tracheotomy. This procedure consists of a team o... Read More »

What is the most embarressing thing you have done in public to entertain your baby?

I'll do just about anything to get a laugh out of my little guy, and sometimes I forget I/we are in public. I'll sing, play a VERY dramatic version of peek-a-boo where I crouch and jump up, pretend... Read More »