Ever bought anything off the shopping channels?

Answer Just one time. It was a Green Bay Packers jacket for my son about 4 years ago or so. I got a great deal on it and he loved it.

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Which channels are the shopping channels on Dish Network?

There are quite a few shopping channels available on Dish Network; it depends on your particular package on the channels that you receive, however. A couple shopping channels on Dish Network are: Q... Read More »

Two mothers and two daughters went shoe shopping. Each bought a pair of shoes all together 3 pairs were bought?

that's so stupidit's a grandmother a mother and a daughter

Just bought a new T.V today but can only get the freeview channels?

The tv you bought has a freeview tuner in it but not a UK specific one. ITV will probably be there but not listed in the correct place. You will only get SKY tuned to it if the set also has an anal... Read More »

I bought a full hd bush 3d tv today but can't get hd channels.?

you need to get a hd+ box or freesat box or sky box. hd doesnt come with the telly